Having a business broker with experience and methodology, besides protecting business value through confidentiality, a business broker ensures the excellence of the process with fiscal, management, accounting and legal assistance:
1VALUATION: Setting the value of a business through the valuation of their assets and analyzing their risks. the elaboration of a valuation book (report) to present to potential buyers, containing the most relevant data about the company and assets details.
2INVESTORS SEARCH: Our investor search policy is based in the principle of confidentiality and timely approach of potential buyers . Through networking , is selected a number of truly potential buyers with an unique and detailed presentation.
3NEGOTIATION : To protect the company information and the confidentiality of the business, our managers represent the company to be sold throughout the negotiation and purchase process, ensuring the legality and quality of the service through a brokerage agreement.
4BUSSINESS CLOSING: The business closing is a crucial step of the process, where we assist in implementing the final auditing of the company information, the preparation of the purchase agreement , the accounting and financial assistance and the management of the transition process.

Selling your business is more than negotiate a property is to add to your business its real market value without disregarding its history and heritage , bringing benefits to the seller as well to the buyer . Please contact us for more information.

I am interested in buying A COMPANY

In our contacts chart we have a special portfolio of companies opened to negotiation. . In addition to the preliminary information , we have asset valuation and analysis of the business, support in valuation , negotiation , due diligence and transition management, accounting, fiscal , legal and management support . And if the customer wishes, we also offer the service of search companies according to their goals , aligning the interests of companies and investors to obtain maximum returns . Please, contact us for more information.