We are focused on results. Thus, we offer projects in different areas and custom, aiming to gain competitiveness and profitability.
1COSTS REDUCTION PROGRAM: Competitors and costs control are the biggest challenges of the market, thus we offer a strategic analysis to build an unique position on your market niche.
2PROJECT VIABILITY: Preparation and analysis of project viability, seeking lower costs and efficacy results. Thorough a complete analysis in order to minimize risks and strengthen market opportunities.
3MARKETING AND SALES PLAN: We bring to companies marketing as a strategic tool to increase profits, using its potential to boost sales and to generate market visibility in a controlled and effective form.
4PEOPLE MANAGEMENT PLAN: Through the development of a human resources management program, we seek to raise the organizational environment and to create an active and efficient workforce for the company. Lower turnover and growth of intellectual assets are a great market differential.
5OTHER PROJECTS: The Frattini Associate Consultants is a dynamic company and have experience in several markets. If you need advice in another area, please contact us, we have a broad range of solutions to assist you.
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